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About Us

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Passionate about entrepreneurship, Aethon Partners was founded to support young entrepreneurs in funding and growing their businesses

  • We are aware of the challenges you face when it comes to scaling your idea with outside money
  • Our task is to professionally guide you at each stage of your funding journey, avoiding unforeseen pitfalls and ensuring the best possible outcome
  • Our main goal is to act as your long-term partner and sounding board – building a strong relationship with you and an intimate knowledge of your business and its unique requirements to scale
  • To achieve this goal, Aethon Partners provides tailored support to guide you through the capital raising process and infuse you with all the necessary know-how

The What, How, Why and Who

What we do

  • Support entrepreneurs with their long-term funding and growth ambitions

How we do it

  • Identify strong entrepreneurs and market opportunities, then get involved as early as possible to help them set strong foundations for their long-term growth
  • We do this by analysing the entrepreneurs and businesses before helping them with their business plan, long term fund strategy and financial forecasts as well as providing investor considerations, business development and recruitment support

Why we do it

  • We love working with visionaries who are trying to change the world and we also want to support and improve the entrepreneurial landscape
  • Being very familiar with the scale and quality of professional support available to high growth and mid-market companies, we were all shocked by what happens right at the start
  • A critical life-or-death stage for the company where a lot of the most important decisions are made – the support they need is often out of reach financially or is provided by those who do not have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to do so
  • This is because the risk of not being funded is very much higher and the fees very much lower than those companies who have already achieved success so anyone credible tends to move downstream
  • We identified an opportunity to support these entrepreneurs by getting involved early and becoming their long-term partner – fully aligned in striving for long-term success because of our compensation structure


  • The founders have similar beginnings, all starting our careers in investment banking, particularly within Mergers and Acquisitions
  • As a team, we have worked as advisors, investors and entrepreneurs ourselves
  • Between us, we have experience across the entire funding and growth journey that entrepreneurs go through and across many sectors